Assassin’s Creed IV’s PlayStation 3 Exclusive Content Also Available On PlayStation 4

thesixthaxis are reporting that the extra sixty minutes of game play that PlayStation 3 owners will see with Ubisoft’s new Assassin’s Creed IV will also be present on the next-gen PlayStation 4 version.

Full news here. Thanks thesixthaxis.

In case you missed it, here's the first trailer.

Spec Ops: The Line joins PlayStation Plus collection, March line-up detailed

PlayStation Plus updates tomorrow in the US and lucky gamers will get to own for free Spec Ops: The Line. Spec Ops is joining the Instant Game Collection, alongside a few discounts. Sony has also outlined plans for other IGC games coming throughout March.

The PlayStation Blog announced the addition of Spec Ops, plus a discount on Runner 2 and a variety of games in the ongoing Vita sale.

Other games being added to the Instant Game Collection this month include Joe Danger 2 and The Cave for PlayStation 3, and Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention and Tekken 6 PSP for your Vita. The blog didn't give details on the order of the games releases, so other than Spec Ops tomorrow, those titles could be spread anywhere in March.

We gave Spec Ops a great review. I really enjoyed it.

Blog post here.

PS Vita sales quadruple in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano has said today in Japan that PlayStation Vita sales in the country have increased around four times compared to what the system was selling before the recent price cut.

Two weeks ago, PS Vita was selling around 11,000 units, so that means sales of around 44,000 units so far this week.

Many stores have reported that they have sold out as we reported earlier. I think 44,000 is going to be the lower end of sales by the end of the week.

We'll let you know how things pan out this week.

Tomb Raider PS3 or Xbox 360? You decide.

Thanks to a side by side video comparison CVG can help you, two console owners decide what game to buy.

After viewing the video we feel safe with the PS3 version as it shows a much sharper image and sports better lighting effects. The 360 game tends to look a little washed out. I have to admit that earlier games tend to swing the other way.

Playstation 4 will be easier to program for as the PS3 is known to be hard to get to grips with. Just shows mind that six years down the line developers are finally getting to grips with the hardware.

Thanks CVG.

Eurogamer Expo announces two-year partnership with Virgin Media

Eurogamer Expo announces two-year partnership with Virgin Media

Tickets are now on sale for 2013 the UK’s biggest and best games event

Brighton, UK, 1st March 2013: Following the success of Eurogamer Expo 2012, Gamer Network is delighted to announce it has renewed its partnership with Virgin Media for a further two years and extended it to cover the Eurogamer Expo, Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show and GameHorizon.

As headline sponsor of Eurogamer Expo 2012, Virgin Media introduced the 100-Day Game Project, an initiative to support grassroots gaming development. The Project provided infrastructure, support and mentoring from across the industry to enable a winning student team to create their first game in just 100 days. The resulting game, Superfluid, was released onto both Android and iOS platforms, to critical acclaim and receiving 41,000 downloads.Virgin Media will be at the heart of this year's Eurogamer Expo show floor, offering continued support for the UK games industry as well as a major attraction for visitors, demonstrating the speed and quality of the Virgin Media’s ultrafast broadband service with a 1Gb connection – more than 100 times faster than the average British household broadband speed.

Through the company’s sponsorship of the show, Virgin Media customers will be able to access half price tickets with early access to the show floor. Tickets for this year's Eurogamer Expo are now on sale at Loman, Founder and CEO of Gamer Network, commented: "We are thrilled to renew our partnership with Virgin Media, who exceeded our expectations for a headline sponsor last year. They worked hard not only to make the show a success, but also to introduce grassroots initiatives that went beyond the show, benefitting the whole industry and gamers alike."

Luke Southern, head of sponsorship and partnerships for Virgin Media, added: "In 2012 we saw firsthand the incredible wealth of ability there is in the UK gaming industry right down to those only just starting to code and create. As a champion of undiscovered talent, we’re excited to be involved in the UK’s biggest gaming show again, especially in such an important year for gaming. We already provide the fastest widely available broadband in the land so we look forward to bringing this power to the show as well as the wider Gamer Network.”Last September, the Eurogamer Expo powered by Virgin Media brought 50,000 gamers to London's Earls Court for four days of hands-on gaming, exclusive game developer presentations, tournaments and more. The Eurogamer Expo returns to Earls Court from 26th-29th September 2013 with increased capacity for 70,000 attendees.


Ticket Information

Single day tickets for Eurogamer Expo 2013 are priced at £15 per person, while Early Entry tickets are £20 and afternoon tickets are £10. A 4-day “Super Pass” is available for £60, granting early entry on all four days.

A 20% Early Bird discount is available for all ticket purchases until April 30th, and group discounts are also available.

Eurogamer Network becomes Gamer Network as international expansion accelerates

Brighton, UK, 1st March 2013: Eurogamer Network Ltd, a leading video game media and events business, is pleased to announce that it has formally changed its name to Gamer Network Ltd, as it gears up for its North American launch.

Gamer Network attracts over 10 million unique users globally to its websites each month. The company publishes its own sites and operates a global network with licensees and partners. It is currently preparing for the launch of USgamer.

Founder and CEO of Gamer Network, Rupert Loman, commented: "We already have a base of readers, clients and employees in the US, as well as our first non-European licensee in Brazil, so this name change feels overdue. This move demonstrates how important our international aspirations are to us and gets us ready for our upcoming US website launch."

Additionally, the company’s live events subsidiary Eurogamer Events Ltd has been renamed Gamer Events Ltd, and its US subsidiary is now Gamer Network Inc.

2013 is set to be another great year for the business. As well as the US launch, traffic has grown strongly across all websites and the forthcoming Eurogamer Expo is set to attract 70,000 visitors this September.

Tomb Raider going Cheap......NOW!

Tesco have broken the street date and have started selling  Tomb Raider early at a bargain price for the high street. You can pick it up for £32.00.

Thanks CVG.

Assassin's Creed 4 footage is here.


Black Flag launching October 29, also coming to Playstation 4.

Black Flag is set in the Caribbean in 1715. The main character is said to be Edward Kenway, father of Haytham Kenway and grandfather of Connor Kenway from Assassin's Creed 3. Rumour.

The launch window is October 29, with versions also set for release on "next-gen consoles", (PS4) later this year.

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