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Assassins Creed 4:Black Flag for PS3 and....4...

New Assassins on the way to PS Vita as well. Ubisoft will have to come clean as leaks have gone viral all over the weekend as rumours strike of the new game not only coming to PS3 with Exclusive content but also coming to PS4 and Vita. More news as we get it.

PS4 to be shown at GDC 2013

Sony has announced its plans to showcase its upcoming next-gen console, thePlayStation 4, at this year's Game Developer Conference (GDC). The company announced today that it will host a PS4-centric talk called "Overview of PS4 for Developers", where they intend to talk about the technology it offers from a development and design standpoint. The talk will be in stark contrast to the PS4's debut announcement a few weeks ago, which catered mainly to gamers instead of developers. The talk is expected to give developers as well as journalists present better insight on the PlayStation 4's capabilities and what it brings to the development table. According to CVG, the talk will be given by "unspecified Sony presenters" from SCEA, with no word on whether Kaz Hirai or anyone else will be present. The PlayStation 4 is expected to launch in late 2013 during the holiday season, and titles prepared for its launch will be announced at this coming E3 2013 w

Watch Dogs Playstation 4

Everybody has seen it but here it is again. Possibly the best demo of the show.

PS Vita Sells out at some retail outlets in Japan.

Good news for Sony and PS Vita. The powerful hand-held is selling like hot cakes as the price cut comes into force with many stores selling out. On top of all that some big games have hit stores with the main one the fantastic Phantasy Star Online hitting Vita for the first time letting fans play online with PC players. Soul Sacrifice is out next week. The Monster Hunter looking game is sure to boost sales as it will fill that huge monster hunting hole that is still wide open after a year of waiting. Soul Sacrifice to its merit looks like a better game. We'll soon find out next week. Famitsu have just scored it very highly with a 37/40 score.

Stranger's Wrath PS Vita updated patch out now.

The brilliant PS Vita version in now patched. In our review we mention that the only thing holding the game back was the rear touch pad controls as you'd fine yourself punching mid air as you ran. Now you can turn it off. Leaderboards have also been added. We gave the game a 9 out of ten in our review. It may please people to know you can now buy both the PS3 version and Vita version in a bundle deal. Just £13.99 bags you both games. The PS3 game is also in 3d. What a bargain

Killzone Mercenary Movie Breaks Cover

The Vita Version of Killzone is looking hot