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Playstation Online Exclusive Interview with Stewart Gilray and Lorne Lanning

Playstation Online get to grips with Stewart Gilray (CEO of JAW Just Add Water) and Lorne Lanning over porting Oddworld Strangers Wrath to PS Vita 1. Firstly well done for the great job on bring Stranger to the PS3 in HD glory. How was the transition from the last generation to the current format? SJG: For us the biggest target we set ourselves was to increase poly counts and to have it run at 60fps, which it does 95% of the time. The poly counts were increased massively on all the characters, and on a lot of the environments too, e.g. the main character was ~3000 polys on the Xbox, he’s now ~20,000 in the HD version. Also in levels pipes are now less hexagonal, and more round. 2. I own a 3D TV so the 3D patch was a massive wow for myself, how easy was it to convert the game to 3D and what prompted you to make the move to 3D? SJG: We wanted to do 3D from day one, but just didn’t have time to get it out in time as originally planned. Adding 3D support was