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Playstation Mobile - Mini Games Reviews

Playstation mobile has been out for a few months now and I've been sampling a few of the bite sized games. I have reviewed them all below in a quick format just so you can get the idea. They are quick fix games but some of them really are excellent. Fuel Tiracas This game has you pressing the Vita screen to stop the pressure building up in pressure gages. The game gets harder and harder as you have to use speed to link up the colour in quick succession making it quite a challenge. At just 40p yes 40p this game gets an extra mark for value. 7/10 Rebel This game is brilliant, hard but brilliant. The idea is so simple. You are a prisoner of war on the run. As you spawn the game starts to hunt you down. Tanks, jets, helicopter and the like shoot you and drop napalm and all you have to do is run like hell. The great thing is, and the main aim of the game is to create 'friendly fire' so the enemy units destroy each other. So simple but just so rewarding.