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Eurogamer 2013 - We Played the PS4

Playstation Online hit Eurogamer on Friday and were delighted with what we saw:

Friday saw a first hands-on for us at this years Eurogamer of the Playstation 4.

The first thing that struck me was the size of the PS4 console, and in fact the controller. The console next to the old fat PS3 is tiny, next to the other next gen console it's about a third of the size, so how have Sony made this happen? Incredible.

The controller looked fatter in screens but when held it's not much bigger than the DS3. The camera is not much bigger than a Wispa bar.

The games on show all look well into development with great graphics and solid frame rates.

Killzone was the best looking game of the show in my opinion and that was the multiplayer that was on show. They have set the bar very high as a launch game that others have to follow.

One of the lesser games that really got me excited was Warframe, fast as hell and looked fantastic, not forgetting that they have put this together in just a few mon…

Playstation 4 bundles confirmed for the UK

Sony have confirmed that PS4 bundles will hit the UK come 29th November launch. Retailers have been told to contact people that have pre-ordered the console to give them first choice. 4 bundles are available but we only know about the Killzone SF bundle.

It's quite a saving, £420.00 (aprox) will net you the PS4, Killzone SF, an extra controller and the camera. I'm not fussed on the camera but when you tot up the prices on Amazon it comes to £507.98. So a huge saving.

Look out for an email soon.


ShopTo have sent out the following email:

" ... As you may have read Sony have recently announced three new PlayStation 4 console bundles. We are currently working on our stock allocation for these and will notify you next week if a swap option from your current pre-order to one of these new bundles will be available to you. ... "

Eurogamer Expo 2013 kicks off!

This years Eurogamer Expo has started today and this year it's all about the Playstation 4 as we go first hands on in the UK tomorrow (Friday).

We'll bring you all the news and reviews as we get it.

New Metal Gear Solid 5 PS4 Gameplay

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Multiplayer Trailer

Another PS4 Exclusive goes Free To Play

Capcom's online dungeon crawler Deep Down is not only coming exclusively to PS4, but will also be free-to-play, Sony Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida has revealed.

"Capcom just announced that "deep down" will be a f2p game on PS4," Yoshida tweeted.
He added that Capcom and Sony are "planning open Beta near the launch of PS4 in Japan".

Developers are throwing themselves at the very "Openness" of PS4 development.
PS4 launches in Japan on February 22.

Eurogamer 2013 Floor Plan

If your heading to Eurogamer 2013 this week check out the floor plan below:

Sony and Microsoft both have large setups in the centre showcasing the next gen consoles.

Battlefield 4 Playstation 4 Gameplay Footage Leaked

First footage leaked from a behind closed doors event in TGS 2013.

God Eater 2 on Vita TV

God Eater 2 on Vita TV with 3 Vita 2000's in co-op gameplay. God Eater 2 has a look of Borderlands to it, a good thing imo.

Vita TV user interface.

PS Vita-PS4 lag free remote play-Knack

See the PS Vita and PS4 hooking up in Knack gameplay. Knack will be one of PS4's launch games come November 29th in Europe.

Andrew House: The Vita LCD Panel Will Be The Same Quality As The OLED Panel

Speaking to Nikkei, Andrew House has said that:

"The LCD panel can now realize an image as high quality as that of the OLED panel," he stated, although he did add that the change to LCD made it easier to slim down the PS Vita.

An image post on Twitter showed the LCD looking significantly worse than the OLED screen but commenters have pointed out it may be due to focus issues and the angle the console was held.

— ヒロ (@Hiro_1998) September 11, 2013

PS4 Could Be in Short Supply for 4 Months

Sources speaking to MCV have said that:

"The current number of units expected in the UK is unlikely to satisfy demand. The machine could be in short supply for up to four months after launch."

PS4 to be Sold at a Loss

Sources speaking to Eurogamer have told them the PS4 will cost Sony $60 per console. Sony then confirmed the console will sell at a loss to them in an interview but would not confirm the amount.

Sony expect to make up the cost on PS+ subscriptions and games.

Sony Considering Releasing Vita TV in the West

Speaking to Eurogamer, Sony have that they are considering releasing the Vita TV in the West due to a strong response in these regions.

"Of course we are thinking of launching it in the US and Europe," they said. "But when it comes to the timing, we'll have to watch the environment and identify what other services are available in the US and Europe and whether we'll have to add other services."

They explained that it was coming to Japan first due to no strong competitors existing in this region:

"The reason we wanted to launch PlayStation Vita TV in Japan first was because we think that there is a significant gap in this market even for a pure streamed TV box," they explained. "There isn't really a competitor here that's staked out a claim. And frankly, in my own view, Japan is a little behind the adoption curve in video streaming services."

Released This Week Sept 15th - 22nd

Grand Theft Auto V

PES 2014

Confirmed: Gravity Rush Sequel on the way

Sony have confirmed a new Gravity Rush for PS Vita.

More as we get it.

Dragon's Crown Patch 1.02 Available Now for PS3 and PS Vita

A brand new patch for Dragon's Crown is now available for download for PS3 and PS VITA versions of the game.

This latest patch updates Dragon's Crown to v1.02.

Atlus has revealed the full changelog of Dragon's Crown patch 1.02 which details all fixes. Check out the full list below.

Bug Fixes
Improved gameplay stabilityNew Features
Added an option to join random online games in the Labyrinth of Chaos to the Network Menu.To enhance player character visibility, a triangular cursor has been added to the bottom of the screen.Wizard: Charging MP when the MP is already at maximum will cause magic power to increase.Feature Modifications
(PS3 version only) When playing offline multiplayer games, the story progression will now be saved for all characters.If a network communication error occurs in online play, the game will now continue in the same stage rather than kicking the player back to town.Amazon: A successful Parry raises Berserk level by 1.Amazon: The Necksplitter attack can n…

Monster Hunter Frontier G announced for PlayStation Vita

Updated: Teaser Site.
At last! Monster Hunter is coming to Vita. What's more is that the game will feature cross play and saves with the PS3 version. So the story we posted some time ago was true.

Full story.

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Frontier G for PlayStation Vita.

The series' long-awaited debut on Sony's handheld device comes as a port of the PC online game, and will be released next year alongside the PlayStation 3 and Wii U versions. Like the PC version, the Vita version requires a subscription.

Monster Hunter Frontier launched on PC in Japan in 2007, then on Xbox 360 in 2010. According to Siliconera, while there is cross-play between the PS3 and Vita versions, Vita players can't play in every world in the game. Rather, several PS3 worlds are open to Vita players. There is data transfer between the two PlayStation consoles.

Monster Hunter Frontier G launches in Japan in 2014. A western release is yet to be announced.

Far Cry 3 coming to Plus this October

Far Cry 3 is the highlight of PS+ this month in Europe, full details below:


25th September: Far Cry 3
25th September: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
25th September: Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen


25th September: Street Fighter X Tekken
25th September: Touch My Katamari

PS4 'noticeably faster' than Xbox One, sources claim

Developers suggest performance differences are "significant and obvious"

Sony's PlayStation 4 is significantly faster than the Xbox One, according to development sources speaking to Edge.

Despite Microsoft's effort to close the gap as much as possible before release, Edge claims that memory reads on PS4 "are 40-50 per cent quicker than Xbox One", and that the graphics chip's ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) is around 50 per cent faster by comparison.

Testimonials from alleged developers also suggest the PS4 has clear advantages.
"One basic example we were given suggested that without optimisation for either console, a platform-agnostic development build can run at around 30FPS in 1920×1080 on PS4, but it'll run at "20-something" FPS in 1600×900 on Xbox One," read the report.

One developer is claimed to have said: "Xbox One is weaker and it's a pain to use its ESRAM".
Microsoft recently announced it has improved the cons…

Released This Week Sept 9th - 15th


Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

NHL 14

Rayman Legends

PS Vita Screen Comparison

The new PS Vita screen will be using LCD instead of OLED to reduce costs, what do you think of the difference ?

— ヒロ (@Hiro_1998) September 11, 2013

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation HD coming to PS3

Call of Duty Ghosts Single Player Trailer

Missed the Sony Event? Watch it Again Here

PS Vita TV Announced

Sony announced a new device today.

The PS Vita TV is just 6 x 10cm and plays Vita games using a PS3 controller and also connects to Sony's Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited service, karaoke and more.

It costs roughly $100 and arrives in Japan in November

The list of compatible Vita games is here:

New Vita Coming to Japan October 10th

A new PS Vita was announced today, the device is 15% lighter and 20% thinner than the original model and adds an hour of battery life.

Other changes include a micro-USB charger and 1gb of built in storage as well as an LCD screen.

No news on the European or US release dates / prices.

TimeSplitters Rewind Confirmed for Playstation 4

Splitters fans jump for joy, the "open for everyone" attitude from Sony with PS4 has really paid off as the developers of Rewind confirm the PS4 game. Not only the Multiplayer but the single player stages will make there way to the console at some point.

The Crytek engine will be used so expect a good looker. Rewind's next-gen console version will support cross-platform play with Rewind's main PC build. Unlike the PC version, Rewind will allow for classic split-screen multiplayer on PS4.

"TimeSplitters Rewind is a fantastic initiative that Crytek continues to support," Nick Button-Brown, Crytek's general manager of games told Eurogamer today. "We are happy to see the excitement and we hope it will be a great game."
Due to be released in closed alpha this winter, TimeSplitters Rewind will eventually include all maps, weapons and characters from all three TimeSplitters games.

The project is the work of a band of fans led by project manager Mic…