Gamescom 2013 Details, Vita Price Cut, Borderlands 2 on Vita, PS4 Coming November 15/29 US/EU

PS4 Launching in America 15th November and Europe 29th 

Gran Turismo 6

- New trailer
- Car manufacturers using GT physics engine to create prototype cars, digital and sometimes real.
- Coming December 6th 2013 to PS3
- GT film coming

Little Big Planet Hub

- A new free to play service for PS3
- Free version of LBP supported by in app purchases
- Make levels and games and share them online


- PS3 hardware bundle with PS3, GTA V and branded headset
- 75% off any rockstar game with purchase of the game from PSN store


- 3 new mega packs
-- 35 Euros each
-- 8gb Memory card and games

- Upcoming games:
-- Batman Arkham Origins
-- Football Manager 2014
-- Borderlands 2

-- MurasakiBaby
--- Japanese 2D story driven side scroller

-- BigFest
--- Festival Manager Simulator

- 199 Euros and 199 Dollars Price Cut from tomorrow
- Memory cards price reduction also


- 10x higher performance than any existing console
- Worked with developers to see what features they wanted whilst designing it
- PS4 is by game creators for game creators
- Easy for indie developers to develop for

Everybodys Gone to the Rapture
-- Apocalyptic type game

-- Pretty platformer

Hell Divers
-- Co Op Shooter
-- Vita, PS3 and PS4

-- Preinstalled on all PS4s
-- Motion Controller and Camera Mini Games

Infamous Second Son
-- New Trailer

Killzone Shadow Fall
-- New Trailer
-- Extensive online options in Warzones, customise your games

All Entertainment Options Free
-- 20 Video Services coming to Europe
-- Music Unlimited, new PS4 interface, listen to music in background whilst playing games

Broadband Packages for PS4 owners
-- Reserved bandwidth for gamers on these packages

Free 14 Day Plus trial for all PS4 owners

90 Days Free Plus if you buy it in the next month

Assassins Creed 3 Coming to Plus

Assassins Creed 4
-- New Live Gameplay
-- Remote Play Demo
--- Seamlessly switches from PS4 to Vita
--- Available for almost all games

Watch Dogs Movie Coming

New Watch Dogs Trailer

Mine Craft Coming at Launch

War Thunder
-- Free to play next gen combat game
-- WW2 Era
-- Air and Ground Battles

12GB PS3 Price Cut to 199 Euro and 199 Dollars

Significant Discount on PS4 version of some games when you buy the PS3 version


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