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Released this Week August 19th - 25th

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Saints Row IV

The Bureau: XCom Declassified

Gamescom 2013 Details, Vita Price Cut, Borderlands 2 on Vita, PS4 Coming November 15/29 US/EU

PS4 Launching in America 15th November and Europe 29th 
Gran Turismo 6
- New trailer
- Car manufacturers using GT physics engine to create prototype cars, digital and sometimes real.
- Coming December 6th 2013 to PS3
- GT film coming

Little Big Planet Hub
- A new free to play service for PS3
- Free version of LBP supported by in app purchases
- Make levels and games and share them online

- PS3 hardware bundle with PS3, GTA V and branded headset
- 75% off any rockstar game with purchase of the game from PSN store

- 3 new mega packs
-- 35 Euros each
-- 8gb Memory card and games

- Upcoming games:
-- Batman Arkham Origins
-- Football Manager 2014
-- Borderlands 2

-- MurasakiBaby
--- Japanese 2D story driven side scroller

-- BigFest
--- Festival Manager Simulator

- 199 Euros and 199 Dollars Price Cut from tomorrow
- Memory cards price reduction also

- 10x higher performance than any existing console
- Worked with developers to see what features they wanted whilst designing …

Killzone Mercenary Beta Opening up to All

PS+ subscribers will be able to play the Killzone Mercenary Beta on August 21 whilst non subscribers can try it out from August 28th

New Trade in Price Comparison Tool

Two ex Game employees have released a new trade in price comparison tool:

The site makes it easy to find where to get the most money for your used games !

Grand Theft Auto Online: Official Gameplay Video

WRC 4 Trailer

Released this Week August 12th - 18th

Madden NFL 25

PayDay 2

Playstation 4 to launch October 21st 2013

Conformation at Gamescom next week?

A mod-verified posted on NeoGAF posted the details, suggesting that he comes from a retail background and was privy to the PS4's release date.

"Our internal product release schedule from head office dropped yesterday and on Oct 21st an unnamed Sony console will be launched,"

The release schedules the retailer was sent "are for internal use only, designed to allow us time to create our instore merch plans".

He then added that if the launch date for a product is not yet known then it is just marked as TBA. The fact that a date was included suggests that, if true, this could indeed be the PS4's release date.

The date is only ever added "when we have received confirmation of said date from the product company".

We shall see soon enough.

From our point of view we have said October before as Watch Dogs that has been shown constantly running on PS4 is due at the end of October and Assassins Creed is another big game.

Playstation 4 launching November 1st in the UK?

According to Blockbuster it is.

A big sale is going on in Blockbuster in the UK and while picking up PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale I was offered the chance of a launch console due to hit the UK on November 1st 2013.

Strangely enough I was not offered a chance to pre-order the Xbox one.

Do Blockbuster know something we don't?

Dragon's Crown sells 300,000 in three days!

Dragon's Crown the PS Vita and PS3 RPG brawler has really taken off in Japan. In just three days The PS3 game has sold over 110,000 while the Vita is close behind with over 70,000. Look out for a spike in Vita sales.

The game is like an updated brawler from the past that has a look of Streets of Rage etc but it's got solid RPG elements built in. What's more it has online co-op. For anyone that's not seen the game, it's like a stunning painting in motion, quite stunning on the PS Vita.

You can take a look at the game here.

The game hits stateside on the 6th next week while in Europe we will get the game in two months or so. E-bay is your best bet or PlayAsia. You can get it from Amazon on both Vita and PS3 here.

See the game in motion.

New Watch Dogs Trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Trailer

Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced

DLC for Bioshock Infinite has been announced

They cost £9.99 each or come with the season pass which is £15.99

New Watch Dogs Trailer

This trailer is causing quite a stir online, what do you think ?

PS4 at Eurogamer 2013.

PlayStation 4 will be playable at Eurogamer Expo 2013 The next generation starts here.

Gamer Network, in partnership with Virgin Media, is delighted to announce that the PlayStation 4 next-generation games console from Sony Computer Entertainment will be playable on the show floor at this year's biggest ever Eurogamer Expo.

Eurogamer Expo 2013 takes place at Earls Court, London, from Thursday 26th September to Sunday 29th September, and will be the first place in the UK that gamers will be able to play the next generation of home console hardware.

Monster Hunter Frontier G for Playstation 3.

Are we getting close to a Vita game?

Monster Hunter Frontier G will come to Playstation 3 this year on November 20th as a free download. You can then pay-to-play month to month.

Everyone suspected this game would come to PS3 at some point but surely cross play with Vita is a must? Or maybe Capcom are still quite happy to shun it's loyal Playstation hand-held gamer fans?