Sony Xperia Tablet Z nabs TechRadar's Best Tablet title-Pushes iPad mini into second place.

Sony's resurgence has begun in earnest: it's now been officially dubbed the 'BestTablet on the Planet'.

Since buying out Ericsson, Sony has working to make phones that can compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC – but the fruits of that labour have drizzled down to the tablet sector too. While looking like an enlarged Sony Xperia Z, the Tablet Z takes the best of big-screen Android and puts it in a superbly light package – and a light tablet means holding it for long periods to read or watch movies is no longer a chore.

We were impressed that Sony had managed to put together something that combined innovation and functionality, as it's not only light but waterproof too. Will you be dunking it in water every day? Unlikely, but it gives it a hardy appearance and means bathtime or holiday use is no longer in question.

The review found that the tablet is: "a triumph, a tablet that genuinely deserves consideration when you're in the market for a new top-end gadget."

It pushes the popular iPad mini down into second place, but with rumours abound that Apple's smaller tablet is set for a reboot with a high-res screen (finally) along with an overhauled iOS, things could be set for a shake-up at the top later in the year when the iPad mini 2 launches.

But there's no doubting the Sony Xperia Tablet Z is a great piece of technology – the battle of Android vs iOS just heated up on another plane.


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