Sony Had Told Devs the PS4 Would Only Have 4gb of RAM

Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray, who we have previously interviewed about Oddworld on the Vita has today revealed that before the public announcement of the PS4 Sony had told them the PS4 would only have 4gb of RAM.

"We were told [PS4] was 4GB originally," Gilray told Video Gamer, "and we first knew it had 8GBs when Mark said at the event's stage, 'And it has 8GB of memory.' We'd had kits at that point for a good while."

He goes on to compliment the PS4s specs saying:

"It's a fantastic amount of memory," he continues, "especially DDR5 memory, because it's so fast you don't have to have everything there at once. You can swap it in and out instantly, effectively. But when they said 8GB it was like, 'Ooookay.'"

The entire user experience should benefit from the huge amount of RAM and ring fencing of the system RAM from RAM available to games:

"When you press the PlayStation button on a PS3 game, you get the basic XMB up [but] to do anything you have to quit the game, because of the memory for it. With PS4 we don't have that because the system memory is already ring-fenced for itself."

Read the full interview at Video Gamer.


  1. So basically the PS4 Will be like Vita. Brilliant.


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