Fifa 14 Changes Revealed

Improved Dribbling 

You can now move freely whilst dribbling with the ball rather than being restricted to a 22.5 degree turning circle.

Players will feel the affect of Momentum

To stop players going too crazy with free movement whilst dribbling, players will be subject to momentum.

Variable Dribble Touches

The ball won't be stuck to your player's toes. When sprinting at full-pace, the distance of the ball from the player's foot will vary, depending on the heaviness of the touch.

It is now easier to shield the ball whilst dribbling 

Just hold L2

Improved Defending AI

Players stick more closely to their men and the whole team will work together to defend more smartly

Improved Attacking AI 

Players will check there runs and turn defenders

Improved Shooting Feedback

Striking animations are more detailed providing feedback as to why your shot went miles wide.

Improved Ball Physics

They now use a "non-linear drag coefficient which more accurately imitates the flight of a ball than the extant linear deceleration algorithm"

No mention of Fifa 14 for the Vita was made.


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