The Last Of Us Game Exclusive Package

Game have secured an exclusive Last Of Us package that you can see here.
The package is only £54.99 and includes the following:

The Last of Us: GAME Exclusive Ellie Edition

  • Canvas Wrap Packaging
  • Min Artbook
  • "American Dreams" Mini Comic from Dark Horse Comics
  • Screen Print Effect Poster
  • Ellie Skin for your Dualshock Wireless Controller

  • Exclusive Digital Content
    In-Game Survival Pack
    • Special customisable items for your multiplayer character.
    • Start with a pool of in-game currency to buy boosters, customisable parts and other items to bolster your multiplayer characters.
    • Bonus experience points to give you a head start on your rivals.
    • A powerful melee attack booster to pack a heavier punch in hand-to-hand combat.
    • Two bonus skins for Joel and Ellie – available once you’ve completed the single player game.

    Sights & Sounds Pack
    • A PS3 dynamic theme showing Joel and Ellie on their journey
    • Digital download of the game's soundtrack, featuring music from Academy Award winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla
    • Exclusive PlayStation Network Avatars of Joel and Ellie in winter survival gear

    • Ellie costume for Sackboy in LittleBigPlanet

    Key Features of The Last of Us on PlayStation 3:
    • An intense character-driven narrative from legendary developers Naughty Dog
    • Explore a horrific America forever changed by the pandemic
    • Learn to survive together as both hunter and hunted
    • Combat enemies powered by The Balance of Power AI system
    A fantastic offer I think you'll agree.


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