PS Vita outsells 3DS in Japan.....hell freezes over!

Do not adjust your sets, it's true. The PS Vita has out sold the 3DS for the first time and is up on the fantastic weekly sales after the price cut last week. Over 63,000 Vitas were sold while as we predicted Soul Sacrifice sold well over 100,000 combined sales.

Well done Sony and Vita. Just keep up the numbers. I have to say we'll be keeping a close eye on next weeks figures and hope they don't nose dive. I feel the word will spread as gamers get to grips with Soul Sacrifice as it looks deep and brilliant.


  1. Price drop in Japan and America but still not here... I think this proves a price drop will sell them 10 times better

  2. I agree. But I still stand by what I've allways said about Vita, it's well worth the money at £200 for what you get. I have never regreted the price I paid for my Vita. :)


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