New PS4 Details Revealed

Sony have revealed new PS4 details at a GDC panel.

1) The 64-bit x86 CPU provides low power consumption and heat.

The 8 cores each have a single hardware thread and separate 32kb L1 instruction and data caches with a shared 2mb L2 cache.

Multithreading support is made easier with hardware support for atomic operations.

The CPU will have an extended DirectX 11.1+ feature set that includes extra debugging support not available on the PC and will allow developers more direct access to the shader pipeline than on the PS3.

2) The Blu-Ray drive will be up to 3x faster than the one in the PS3

3) Every console will come with a "very large" hard drive

4) Every console will come with a headset

5) The PS4 will record everything by default, requiring no extra work by developers


  1. Hope its a decent headset not the rubbish ones they put with original xbox360s


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