Spec Ops: The Line Mini Review

Christmas is a funny time of year, so many games piling up by the PS3 and you think about how the hell you'll find the time to play them all. Then I get the call from my brother, "Have you played Spec Ops yet? Spec ops? Oh yeah the shooter in the desert.

After a 10 minute chat I phoned Blockbuster and off I went to pick it up. Now you have to understand I'm playing the brilliant Far Cry 3 so this will need to be good to keep my attention.

I had seen that the game was a 3rd person military shooter, yeah another one. Other than that I know nothing about it.

On booting up it just feels like any other shooter but it soon drags you into its cruel world in Dubai. I honestly can't say anything other than this game is shocking, brilliant, exciting and one of the best 3rd person shooters of its type, strike that, it's nothing like others as this game shows you what it's really like to kill and destroy. I don't want to spoil anything so that's it... go and buy this criminally overlooked game. I'm on my 3rd play-through.

It's worth pointing out that some of the graphics, in parts are some of the best I've seen on PS3 and the sound through my DTS system was brilliant, a sandstorm in my front room.


Ps. It's important that you trust this review. Don't read other reviews as I feel they give too much info. Look at scores but don't read, just play.

By Kristian Salkeld


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