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New Urban Trial Freestyle, Trailer and Screens

Game Coming soon to PS Vita and PSN
Tate Multimedia have released a new game-play trailer and screenshots for the dynamic Urban Trial Freestyle soon to launch on PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita systems. 
Urban Trial Freestyle will have you racing against the clock, while performing radical stunts, across five varied 3D urban environments - in pursuit of the perfect score. The physics-based motorcycle racing game’s gritty setting with dynamic environments offer a re-imagining of the massively popular action bike racer genre. 
The new game-play trailer showcases Urban Trial Freestyle’s epic backgrounds, detailed graphics and innovative physics-engine. Watch as riders perform edgy and dangerous stunts across a sprawling city. 

Rumour Overload: Monster Hunter 4 coming to PS Vita

This Summer

The 3DS version has been delayed and strong reports are coming out of Japan that the reason is that the Vita version has pushed it back.

A vita version will be a definitive version with better graphics and twin sticks.

A vita screen showing Monster Hunter was snapped not so long ago.

Most people know it was coming in some form but if true, MH4 will save the Vita in Japan and Sony know it.

Playstation Online Exclusive Interview with Stewart Gilray and Lorne Lanning

Playstation Online get to grips with Stewart Gilray (CEO of JAW Just Add Water) and Lorne Lanning over porting Oddworld Strangers Wrath to PS Vita

1. Firstly well done for the great job on bring Stranger to the PS3 in HD glory. How was the transition from the last generation to the current format?
SJG: For us the biggest target we set ourselves was to increase poly counts and to have it run at 60fps, which it does 95% of the time. The poly counts were increased massively on all the characters, and on a lot of the environments too, e.g. the main character was ~3000 polys on the Xbox, he’s now ~20,000 in the HD version. Also in levels pipes are now less hexagonal, and more round.

2. I own a 3D TV so the 3D patch was a massive wow for myself, how easy was it to convert the game to 3D and what prompted you to make the move to 3D?

SJG: We wanted to do 3D from day one, but just didn’t have time to get it out in time as originally planned. Adding 3D support was relatively easy and quick, the …

Playstation Mobile - Mini Games Reviews

Playstation mobile has been out for a few months now and I've been sampling a few of the bite sized games. I have reviewed them all below in a quick format just so you can get the idea. They are quick fix games but some of them really are excellent.

Fuel Tiracas This game has you pressing the Vita screen to stop the pressure building up in pressure gages. The game gets harder and harder as you have to use speed to link up the colour in quick succession making it quite a challenge. At just 40p yes 40p this game gets an extra mark for value.



This game is brilliant, hard but brilliant. The idea is so simple. You are a prisoner of war on the run. As you spawn the game starts to hunt you down. Tanks, jets, helicopter and the like shoot you and drop napalm and all you have to do is run like hell. The great thing is, and the main aim of the game is to create 'friendly fire' so the enemy units destroy each other. So simple but just so rewarding. You unlock upgrades as …

Spec Ops: The Line Mini Review

Christmas is a funny time of year, so many games piling up by the PS3 and you think about how the hell you'll find the time to play them all. Then I get the call from my brother, "Have you played Spec Ops yet? Spec ops? Oh yeah the shooter in the desert.

After a 10 minute chat I phoned Blockbuster and off I went to pick it up. Now you have to understand I'm playing the brilliant Far Cry 3 so this will need to be good to keep my attention.

I had seen that the game was a 3rd person military shooter, yeah another one. Other than that I know nothing about it.

On booting up it just feels like any other shooter but it soon drags you into its cruel world in Dubai. I honestly can't say anything other than this game is shocking, brilliant, exciting and one of the best 3rd person shooters of its type, strike that, it's nothing like others as this game shows you what it's really like to kill and destroy. I don't want to spoil anything so that's it... go and buy …