Eurogamer 2012 Coverage

PSOnline navigate the streets of London, dodge traffic and visit Eurogamer so you don't have to

Eurogamer 2012 had all the latest games on display and available to play, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming blockbusters.

GT5 Academy Edition

This game was on display and available to play complete with a steering wheel and set pedals and it looked great. We spoke to the Sony representative about what exactly the academy edition included and he told us that you get all of the DLC that has been released so far an exclusive car and every update already on the disc so you don’t have to wait hours whilst the gigabytes of updates download.

Assassins Creed 3 PS3

We didn’t go hands on with this game; instead we stood back and just watched. It was hard to believe that we were watching gameplay and not a cut scene. We were watching a part at sea on a boat and the detail on the boats and water effects as it moved about were stunning, if you own a PS3 you have to buy this.

Assassins Creed PS Vita

This was the first game we dived onto; this is going to be a massive title for the vita. A huge franchise is releasing a dedicated version of its game on the vita it’s not a port it’s designed from the ground up for the vita.

There were two levels available to play one was in the swamps and another in a massive city, of course we played both.

The swamp had plenty of trees and fallen branches to climb and run across with small enemy encampments in clearings.

The city was buzzing with people going about their lives and the lighting effects with the sun shining down on you looked great. Running across the rooftops felt just like playing the PS3 game, the walls around the protected area were huge and once you had scaled them you were treated to a great view. On the rooftops you could sneak around and take out guards from behind by pushing them off the edge. Nothing about this game felt subpar to the PS3 version.

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 looks so good we asked whether it was running on a high end PC (it wasn’t.) From the top of a communication tower you’re treated to a magnificent view of the entire island which is gigantic and it looks so polished when see things like smoke billowing from a volcano.

The game looks like what dead island should have been a massive open world island that you can wonder around with a friend completing side quests and the entire story. You can purchase weapons and items at shops dotted around the map, speaking of weapons the animations on the weapons are fantastic.

The lighting and water also look great.

God of War: Ascension

Everything in God of War is massive, the monsters, the levels and the attacks. We were playing a level that starts out on a pier where you’re then attacked and you pick up a sword to help you out. The speed of the attacks you carry out is insane and the combo counter that pops up makes you just keep hammering the buttons, swinging you chain and slashing your swords to keep the counter going up.

Looking out into the ocean is great as you can see the wonderful looking water and then when you turn around you see the great looking mountains and stone work.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for speed has been racing downhill for a while now but after seeing EA announce that criterion was taking over development and seeing some video of it I was excited. As expected the game is a cross between burnout and NFS most wanted on the PS2.

The handling is a perfect balance between realism and arcade fun, like in the PS2 game the police chases are great fun and give you a chance to put your knowledge of the road layout to the test.

Sly Cooper Theives in Time

Sly Cooper is a loveable character and it’s been a while since we’ve been able to control him, his outing on the PS Vita is colourful although it didn’t look particularly pretty, and hopefully this will improve in the final version.

You can switch between costumes which give you new powers such as the ability to slow down time; this is needed to complete certain objectives in the game.

Hitman Absolution

The new hitman game looks very, good. The part we saw was in a crowded marketplace, you had to pick out your target from the crowd and take them down. After the shooting starts the crowd freaks and starts running away in a panic.

What’s most impressive is just how much is going on, on screen and how it all looks so good.

F1 Race Stars

F1 karting is a risky new game from Codemasters it’s a karting style game like Little Big Planet karting or Mario Kart but with all the drivers in team colours from Formula 1.

The gameplay is like any traditional karting game with pickups like weapons, shields and speed boosts to aid you. In F1 style you can pop into the pits to repair your kart if it’s damaged and fortunately there are multiple pit stops per track so you don’t have to wait until you get all the way back round.


Seeing wonderbook in action is really impressive the camera tracks the orientation of the book and you can pick it up and rotate the object on screen and it works flawlessly.

Fifa 13 PS Vita

The first thing you notice when playing this is how much more impressive the stadiums look, the teams have all been updated to reflect the transfers that have taken place.

However gameplay wise it feels very similar to Fifa football.

Here are some more photos of the event

Afterwards we went for a look round London, Krisaim was clearly excited by this.

By Kristian Salkeld & Tom Salkeld & Jane Salkeld & Aaron Kalair 

Counter Strike: Global Offensive PS3 Review

Bomb Planted !

Counter Strike is a Marmite game, you'll love it or you'll hate it. Call of Duty players will run to the hills, there's no care package here. Battlefield players will feel more at home with its superb team-play mechanics.

Anyone who owns a half decent spec PC will have played Counter Strike, in fact if you’re into games or shooters of any kind you would have seen or played CS. It's the Daddy of all team shooters and for the first time it graces the PlayStation 3. PC fans will be feeling right at home as you can hook up your mouse and keyboard or all you sharpshooters out there can hook up your Move controllers. Even if you’re not online the bots in CS:GO will give you a very good run for your money in the robust single player mode. To be fair it's more of a boot camp for online play but all the same it's great fun.

Like the previous games in the series, Global Offensive is an objective based multiplayer first person shooter. Each player joins either the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team and attempts to complete objectives or eliminate the enemy team. The game operates in short rounds that end when all players on one side are dead or an objective is completed.

When starting CS:GO for the first time you'll notice the usual slick menus that Valve are well known for. Easy navigation through the menus will have you where you want in no time with loading times so fast you'll be hard pushed to take a drink before you’re in the action.

Game modes are the usual and Socom fans will feel right at home, in fact I feel Zipper were inspired by CS for their games on PS2 bomb planting and hostage rescuing are all here. I feel this is the savour for Socom fans that are left wanting for that tight tactical team-play that is missing from the new Socom games.

Demolition is a firm favourite of mine as one team has to plant a bomb, the other having to defuse if planted. The maps have some of the best 'choke' points in any games made before them. Battles will be fought in small corridors that Valve lead you into. I crouched in one game behind a box only for the whole team to trot past me oblivious to my position; still crouched I opened up into the back of them taking down three of the four. Like the older games, getting shot slows you right down. It doesn't get more real than this.

Players purchase weapons and equipment at the beginning of every round with money awarded based on their performance. Completing objectives or killing enemies earns the player money while negative actions, like killing a teammate or hostage takes money away from the player. In addition, when a round ends all players receive some amount of money, with players on the winning team receiving more.

The maps are all from the old games with some new ones thrown in. They look much sharper with the PS3 game fairing very well compared to my PC. The four game modes consist of Bomb defusal, Demolition, Hostage Rescue and Arms Race, a deathmatch game type where each kill rewards you with a newer better weapon. It's based on a 'mod' brought over from the older games and was referred to as 'Arsenal Mode'.

Game development started on 360 as a port from the PC but Valve new they were on the money and development was shifted to both next gen consoles as well as PC.

If you are a Playstation Plus owner you can play CSGO for an hour at no cost, without a doubt you will then download the unlock key to own this brilliant shooter.

Unlike Portal 2 steam works is not built into the game. This is a shame as it was great keeping tabs on my Steam buddies while I was on PS3.

At the time of going to press the Euro version is still missing in action. Why? No one will say. Therefore the review is from the US PSN Store. If we here any news on the Euro game you'll be the first to know.

I can recommend this game highly. I would have paid full price for this on a blu ray disc. For PS Plus owners this is a must buy, for others? What are you waiting for? It's Counter Strike on the Playstation 3! Buy it!


By Kristian Salkeld

PSOnline would like to thank Valve for their support

Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD Review

The classic skateboarding game returns in HD

Nearly everyone will remember playing Tony Hawks back in the day on their PS1, the game seems to have faded away in recent times but now it’s back with Tony Hawks HD available from the Playstation Store. Tony Hawks HD is a high definition remake of classic levels that everyone will remember from Tony Hawks 1 and 2.

The concept of Tony Hawks is simple, you have an open world play ground in which you must skateboard around and complete various objectives so that you can earn money to improve your attributes and buy new things like skateboards and special tricks.

Racking up high scores is one of the main aims and the best way to do this is through combinations of moves. To score points you need to pull off tricks such as grinds, aerials and flip tricks, if you move seamlessly from one trick to another your multiplier is incremented and when your sequence comes to an end your score is multiplied by multiplier allowing for massive scores to be obtained if you can get big enough combinations.

When you initiate tricks like grinds or hand plants you’re challenged to maintain your composure by keeping a needle within the green area of a bar using the analogue stick.

What makes Tony Hawks so fun is that the physics are quite laid back, and so you can jump into the game with no prior experience of skate boarding games. Wiping out after tricks is no problem either you just get right back up and can try again.

The locations where you skateboard really make the game, they have an incredible amount of depth and lots of cool features as well as being expertly designed so that if you’re good enough you can zip straight through them achieving most of the objectives.

They also feature lots of cool easter eggs, take the hangar for example you can make the helicopter come to life by grinding over the blades or open the wind tunnel by grinding over the propeller blades.

You don’t need to be a Tony Hawks expert to find all of these gems either there’s a map available from the pause menu showing you the location of all the objectives and special tricks.

The load times on this game or rather the lack of them are very impressive, you can jump between menus, levels and game modes very quickly.

The real killer feature though is one that I nearly missed. The game has full online multiplayer featuring all the classic modes.

Free skate lets you mess around on any map learning its secrets whilst chatting to your friends and generally relaxing.

Graffiti requires you to claim pieces of equipment such as rails and ramps scattered throughout the map by performing a higher scoring trick on it than your opponent once the timer expires who ever has claimed the most equipment wins.

Trick attack is the standard score more points than your opponent in two minutes mode and finally there’s big head elimination where you need to keep scoring points or your head will get too big and explode!

The whole online experience is very polished and slick. It has full voice communications, private rooms and invites. Load times are virtually non-existent and the games run completely lag free.

Also, every mode and arena is unlocked from the beginning so you don’t have to slog through the single player before you can have fun online.

Overall this game is great fun, whether you want to just jump on for a quick blast or spend many, many hours digging deep into all this game has to offer and achieve all of the objectives.


By Aaron Kalair

Additional comments from Kristian Salkeld

Tony Hawks for me was one of those games that just didn't do it. If you could get high scores for face planting into the floor then I'd be top of the leader boards.

Tony Hawks finally clicked for me with Tony Hawks 3 on the Playstation 2, it was brilliant. At last I could play these brilliant games. That's when I went back to the two older games.

The HD upgrade on PS3 is a bit of a shocker, in a good way. On first booting up the game you will be taken back at how well this game has held its own. Not only have they upgraded to HD but the game has a new look. It's on par with a PS2 HD game now and runs as sweet as a nut. Controls are as tight as ever.

The best part for me is the online play. Take any of the levels and have fun online with friends. It's brilliant with no lag or connection issues.
For me personally this is an easy 8/10.

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