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Eurogamer 2011 - Playstation Vita steals the show as Sony come out swinging

The Eurogamer expo was about one thing for Playstation fans, the Vita. Instead of just a few consoles, Sony opted for a set up that showed everyone attending the show they mean business with the stunning new handheld. If you stuck it out in the queue Sony reps took you in hand to give a 10 min one on one session with the Vita. This was brilliant and very well organized. My game demo was with Little Big Planet, not a huge fan, I was left smiling and joyed at it's charming gameplay. The front and back touch screens were used to genius levels of design and pave the way forward for developers to show what they can do with the Vita. I saw uncharted and it's worth pointing out that from 3 meters away the screen just pops, you can clearly see what's going on. The screen sells the Vita for me, stunning. For the Playstation 3 one game stood out for me and many others, Vale chose to give gamers the first hands on time with the quite incredible Counter Strike Global Offensi