Eurogamer 2011 - Playstation Vita steals the show as Sony come out swinging

The Eurogamer expo was about one thing for Playstation fans, the Vita.

Instead of just a few consoles, Sony opted for a set up that showed everyone attending the show they mean business with the stunning new handheld.

If you stuck it out in the queue Sony reps took you in hand to give a 10 min one on one session with the Vita. This was brilliant and very well organized. My game demo was with Little Big Planet, not a huge fan, I was left smiling and joyed at it's charming gameplay.

The front and back touch screens were used to genius levels of design and pave the way forward for developers to show what they can do with the Vita. I saw uncharted and it's worth pointing out that from 3 meters away the screen just pops, you can clearly see what's going on. The screen sells the Vita for me, stunning.

For the Playstation 3 one game stood out for me and many others, Vale chose to give gamers the first hands on time with the quite incredible Counter Strike Global Offensive. Simply put it’s old Socom fps style. Zipper took note of Counter Strike with Socom then forgot what made Socom great, fear not, CS ticks all the boxes, like Portal 2 Valve have done a brilliant job with tight gameplay, great graphics and the game is early. The beta kicks off soon.

Uncharted 3 was on show but it was Starhawk that looked the better game. Boasting a new graphics engine it looked very impressive. Dark Souls looked every bit as hard as they have promised. 360 fans owning both consoles need to opt for the PS3 version as the 360 game looked very poor next to its PS3 counterpart.

Lord of the Rings was not on show for PS3 but I did get a look at the 360 version, while looking good the graphics were very blurry. Battlefield 3 looked great but I have to say that CS owned it. COD MW3 is just, well, COD. ICO and Shadow of The Colossus were on show in all there HD glory. I feel a shout has to go out to PS2 as that was not the only old PS2 game on show, Metal Gear HD was also on show.


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