Brilliant Sony TV Spot for 4K TV's

Sony have put together a TV spot for its latest 4K TV's using no visual effects. It shows bubbles freezing in mid air and on the ground.

It's shot in 4k.

Serious gamers need to rig there PS4 up to one of these TV's, they really are stunning.

Share Play in PS4 Firmware 2.0 this week.

Share Play is just part of the exciting 2.0 update coming to PS4 on Tuesday 28th October.

Here's how it works.

Viva Espana! Playstation 4 thrashing Xbox One.

Ign Spain has reported that the Playstation 4 has outsold the Xone at a ratio of 7-1 since launch.

Now that's a big hill to climb.

Xperia Z3 remote play hands on. MUST see!

Take a look at this hands on play-test of remote play on the new Xperia Z3 smartphone and Z3 compact tablet.

PS4 remote play for Xperia Z3 this month!

Already available on PS Vita, Sony have confirmed that Remote play will be ready for your new Z3 smartphone on October 23rd.

This is fantastic news and if I'm honest I'm shocked that they have this ready early. This shows how seriously Sony are taking remote play for PS4 and this has to be another huge plus for gamers when choosing what console to go for this holiday period.

It's worth pointing out that unlike Vita, you can connect your Z3 to your DS4 PS4 controller. No word on a Vita update yet.

Keep up the pressure Sony.

PlayStation 4 sales still smashing Xbox One!

Microsoft must be wondering what the hell they have to do to stop the PS4 running away with sales as PS4 nears 11 Million.

Figures due out are going to show the PlayStation 4 is nearing a sales ratio of 3-1 consoles worldwide at the moment. The Xone has failed to excite in Japan with just 31,000 sold in a month since launch.

A price drop has failed to gain any sort of traction with a small spike and now a second price drop in the UK has also failed to generate any sort of momentum. (some reports showed a spike in UK sales but failed to point out a 300% spike in PS4 sales in the same time period)

If you look at game sales you can see that gamers are flocking to PS4 with Destiny being the latest game to draw the numbers. PS4 sales near 3 Million worldwide sales while on Xone they are just over the 1.5 Million. other big hitters like Watchdogs also saw the same trend. Over 1.4 Million The Last Of Us sales have surely been largely made buy Xbox 360 owners defecting to PS4?

Resolution problems are still dogging the new Xbox despite dropping Kinect to try and gain more power. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor being the latest game with Eurogamers PS4 V's Xone showing Sony's console yet again coming out on top.

Pro Evo 2015 will be full HD on Sony's console while sub HD on Xone. With some developers sighting that, "Our game could only be done on the PS4", so early into a consoles lifespan maybe it should be back to the drawing board?

So what goes? Another price drop or the hope that the big games will shift consoles, problem is, will Sunset sell consoles? I doubt it very much. 
Yes it's not the only game but you have to look at what's coming out over the next few months on PS4 that will surely widen the sales gulf that now stands at 10,988,123 to 5,502,104. 

If Sony drop the PS4 price.............................

Nathan Drake Next Gen PS4 shot

A screen grab has been posted of Mr Drake from Uncharted 4, his poster simply saying, "Nathan Drake looking next gen as f**k!"

What do you think?

Playstation Vita 2

Whatever Sony are trying to make out in the media the facts speak for themselves, the Vita is history.

Why and how have Sony let what is arguably the best hand-held games console ever made slip away?
I feel that Sony needed to take a big loss on the Vita and get it out to the masses from day one. I was always going to get one on launch, in fact I imported one. I love anything new and being a fan of the PSP I upgraded but I'm one of the 10% of PSP owners that have done so, so what's gone wrong?

Vita is now for many a hand-held interactive toy for PS4, with the odd great indy game now and then.
Remote play has come big for Sony and seeing this trend build, the new Z3 smartphone and Z3 tablet will be fully remote play ready to play PS4 games on and no doubt Playstation Now. Great.

So where does this leave Vita? Sony need to come out with Vita 2 or go the way of Nvidia with the new Shield Tablet, or maybe the new Z3 tablet is the tester to see how the concept falls into place?

This brings me to the main point of this post. Vita 2.

I have just bought the Nvidia Shield, not the new one, the old controller with built on screen version. Nvidia must be wondering why this great machine has in all intents and purposes flopped. I certainly am but Sony can learn a great deal from Shield.

Vita 2 needs Android. Fact. Hell if they can update Vita with Android then just do it NOW! I wont hold my breath, I'm still waiting for Netflix in the UK.

Booting up Shield is like booting up a new Android phone or tablet so yes, Netfilx, G-mail, TVCatchup, Playstation App, YouTube, Maps, Chrome, IPlayer, ITVPlayer etc etc you get the picture.

What's more you can just jump in and download all your bought content. Now I'm a gamer so I don't mean all the tosh crap that you see people playing on the bus, candy crush anyone? real games.

GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Max Payne, Sonic, Half Life 2, Arma, Nova 3, MC5, GTA3 etc all games that I have bought in the past ranging from 63p to Half Life 2 at £5.99. Get that, £5.99 is the most I've paid for a game.

You may think old games that you've played before. Yes true but Vice City is in my opinion the best open world game I've ever played, Half Life 2 the best FPS ever made? probably.

I bought most of these games to play on my tablet or phone but propping up my gadgets to play is not great, on Shield it's brilliant. Sony seem to have sorted this problem with the Z3 tablet with the Dual Shock 4 holder that looks like a sat-nav window suction pad that holds your tablet in place. Is this where Sony will head?

Vita 2 needs to happen, we need our games in handheld form but it's hard to tell where Sony will go with this.

It needs Remote Play, Android, Twin Sticks and a 6 or 8 inch screen with 32gb internal storage with a normal SD Micro slot to boost up to 128gb. It needs to play PS1, 2 and 3 games out of the box as well as PSP/Vita games.

I'm sure Sony won't give up on handheld gaming but they need to act quick and forget about hacking with over the top memory card prices and get the Vita 2 in homes everywhere.

RIP Playstation Vita long live Vita 2!