Playstation VR Blurred Graphics problems.

Many Playstation VR users are reporting very blurred images with the new VR headset..........including me.

I was very excited to try VR for the first time only to be very disappointed by what I was seeing. (tried phone VR in the past) I tried the Shark game in the VR Worlds game only to be greeted by a very blurred shark cage and what looks like a shimmering mesh over the image that moves when you turn.

First off, it's not the covers that some users have on the eye glass when new, the cover was missing on mine curiously. It maybe that the HDR option is interfering with the unit so turn off if you have it on auto.
It could be a HDMI problem but it's looking more and more like a firmware problem. You are prompted to download an update when first turning on. One user reported his image was fine before updating on

One things for sure, this isn't right. IGN stated that the image people see on the TV isn't as crisp as what the person with the VR headset is viewing. This is opposite to what I'm getting. It's best decribed as sitting with a pair of the wifes tights on my head......not great.

All reviews are suspended until this issue is resolved.

Playstation VR is here, we have it.......any good?

Playstation VR is here. Over the next few days we'll be road testing the new kit to give you the pros and cons of Sony's new tech.

Playstation VR Star Wars Greatness awaits

If this doesn't sell Star Wars fans the idea of VR......Nothing will.
X-Wing will be a download for all those lucky Battlefront owners that take the plunge with PSVR this Friday. It's not clear if this will be out Friday or when the new movie comes out.

Skyrim and Fallout 4 to get Playstation Pro 4K support....

.......and Mods.
Did you really think Sony would let Microsoft get one over on them? For me it's the PS Pro support that gets the thumbs up over mods. I was excited to see Elder Scrolls Online getting the 4K treatment, but Skyrim and Fallout, yes please.

Skyrim will have mods from day one (28th October UK) and Pro Support where as Fallout will follow with an update.
Hats off to Bethesda.

Playstation VR is nearly here.

After a long break from the website I'm pleased to say that I'm back.

VR is going to shake up games and who knows, change the way we play and think about games.  VR is nothing new but is has had a very slow start on PC. But this is PlayStation. Over 40 million gamers are able to jump right in just needing the PS camera and VR headset to get started. Are you ready?

We can't wait. Reviews to follow.

Welcome......Playstation 4K (NEO)

This is the Playstation 4K. Looks very Playstation 2 inspired. More news on the 7th September.

Microsoft and Quantum Breaks Sales beating record?

Microsoft have been willy waving regarding sales of the exclusive title Quantum Break but sales data doesn't seam to add up.
Vgc sales data shows a very poor first weeks global sales figure of just 267,147 with the US accounting for 146,403 with the rest of the world taking the rest.
X one sales didn't jump at all with just 93,109 worldwide, Playstation 4 dominated with 310,417 in the same time period.

This was the big hitter of exclusives but sales just don't stack up. Ratchet and Clack has sold over 190,000 in the US in its first week while just 43,000 QB were sold.

Battalion 1944 Blasts past its Kickstarter goal!

D-Day is now confirmed.
World War 2 shooter Battalion 1944 has reached its goal in less than 3 days and now sits at over £140,000.

The passion for WW2 games is still alive and kicking it would seem. I'm sick of re-hashed shooters that are like painting by numbers. I can't wait for this game. May 2017 is a long way off mind.

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